Telstra Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Telstra Enterprise Bargaining Agreement: What You Need to Know

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, Telstra has an enormous workforce. To manage its human resources effectively, Telstra has established an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) with its employees. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for Telstra employees, including their wages, working hours, and benefits.

Telstra`s EBA is negotiated between the company and representatives from the Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing, and Allied Services Union of Australia (CEPU). The current EBA, which covers Telstra`s employees between 2019 and 2021, was agreed upon in late 2018 after months of negotiations.

So, what are the key points of Telstra`s EBA? Here are some of the most important things you need to know:

1. Wages

Under the current EBA, Telstra employees receive a 2% pay increase each year. This means that if an employee`s base pay was $50,000 in 2019, it would be $51,000 in 2020 and $52,020 in 2021.

2. Working hours

Telstra`s EBA sets out the maximum number of hours that employees can work each week. This is 38 hours for full-time employees and a pro-rata amount for part-time employees. The EBA also includes provisions for flexible working arrangements, such as working from home or adjusting start and finish times.

3. Leave entitlements

Telstra employees are entitled to various types of leave, including annual leave, personal/carer`s leave, and parental leave. The EBA provides detailed information on how much leave employees are entitled to and how it can be taken.

4. Superannuation

Telstra contributes to its employees` superannuation funds at a rate of 12%. This means that if an employee`s base pay is $50,000, Telstra will contribute $6,000 to their superannuation account each year.

5. Job security

The EBA also includes provisions for job security, including redeployment and redundancy provisions. This means that if an employee`s position is made redundant, Telstra has an obligation to find them another suitable role within the company.

Overall, Telstra`s EBA is designed to provide its employees with fair and reasonable conditions of employment. By negotiating with the CEPU, Telstra ensures that its employees` interests are represented and their needs are met. If you`re a Telstra employee, it`s important to be aware of your rights and entitlements under the EBA.

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